G.R.O. – Gender Resource Office

TCU is fast establishing a prominent LGBTQIA+ presence on and off the campus in Fort Worth. Between the Gender Resource Office (GRO), Women and Gender Studies (WGST) and both undergraduate and graduate Spectrum organizations, in the short space of two years a lot of momentum has been gained. From a multitude of relevant courses available at both undergraduate and graduate levels, to symposiums, nationally recognized speakers, hugely successful professional Drag Shows as well as smaller functions with social needs and/or equality activism in mind, the students, faculty and staff at TCU are Leading On with LGBTQIA+ rights on campus and within higher education.

Healthcare Services for LGBTQIA+ Community at TCU

Library Research Guide for LGBTQIA+ Community at TCU


Connect with Spectrum

TCU Engage link https://engage.tcu.edu/organization/spectrum

Spectrum Facebook link https://www.facebook.com/groups/963955766986889/

Spectrum Twitter link https://twitter.com/spectrum_tcu?s=09

Spectrum Instagram link https://www.instagram.com/p/B0eFABPn-vY/?igshid=e7jknrjems73

To contact Spectrum, please email spectrum@tcu.edu

Resource Guide to TCU for LGBTQIA+ Students

Located in the Intercultural Center in the Brown-Lupton University Union on the first floor, there is a space for study and socializing. It will be staffed by allies and will be open for any students, especially those who fall into a minority group, such as LGBTQIA+ students.

There will be a monthly social and a large amount of resources and staff support available at GRO, as well as extensive collaborative event programming across the campus.

The TCU Library provides a library guide for LGBTQIA students.

For the months of September 2018 and the Summer of 2019, there have been exhibitions on federal LGBTQ archives in the main library exhibition as well as a chronological exhibition of LGBTQIA+ history, through various media, alongside a celebration of Stonewall.

Librarians/Research Assistant Allies who specialize in LGBTQ+ literature or film

Ammie Harrison – Women and Gender Studies/Theatre/English/Languages Librarian

Cari Alexander – Film, Music and Media Librarian

Diana Boerner – Economics/Finance/Marketing/Management Librarian

Bogi Huddleston – Social Work/Kinesiology/Psychology/Nutrition Librarian

Robyn Reid – Communication/Sociology/Justice/Education/Geography Librarian

Alysha Sapp – Nursing Librarian

The library database at https://library.tcu.edu now has searchable fields for any of the LGBTQIA+ identities. They have books, articles and DVDs/CDs available for rental as well as access to online databases. You can also watch live Theatre, or Dance or even the Met Opera Broadcasts by following the links on their website for free.

‘Genderwatch’ database is also available here and is a place where they are compiling, nationwide, LGBTQIA+ materials.


TCU does not have many truly gender-neutral restrooms. There are currently some restrooms on campus that are as such, available to all for use.

BLUU South Wing, Level 1 (two separate restrooms)
Moore Building, Level 2 (Brite Divinity School)
Winton-Scott Hall, Level 5 (two restrooms, one at north end and south end of hallway)
Erma Lowe Hall, Level 2 (north side of building next to dance studio)
Ed Landreth Hall, Lower Level.
Robert Carr Chapel (two restrooms, one on either side of front entry doors)

Counseling Center (one single stall restroom)

TCU Health Center – all gender-neutral toilets.

This list is not a complete list. Please research any pre-requisites before selecting from this much-abbreviated list.

Predominantly Undergraduate

COMM 30262: Gender and Communication

ENGL 30763: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Authors and Themes in Literature

JOUR 20003: Diversity and the Media

ITAL 40623: Gender in Italian Cinema

ENGL 30473:  Wilde Years : Oscar Wilde and the 1890s

HNRS 20223: Language and Identity: Gender

HIST 40893: War and Gender in US History

HCOL 40043: Nature of Society – Gender

FTDM 30433: American Cinema: Queer Theory/LGBT Film

FREN 30153: Society and Gender Roles in France

WRIT 30893: Digital Inclusiveness: Cultural Identity and Authoring

FREN 40143: Intersectionalities: Gender and Sexuality in the French Colonies

STCO 16103: Diversity

SOWO 10833: Introduction to Social Work

SOWO 30583: Social Work and Diversity

SOCI 30863: Gender Politics

SOCI 30773/PHIL 30343: Sex Society and Ethics

SOCI 30743: Gender and Society

SOCI 30303: Marriage and Family

WGST 20003: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies

WGST 30193: Queer Theories

WGST 30203: Intersectional Activism & Social Justice

WGST 30303: Women of Color Feminism in a US Context

WGST 30403: Transnational Gender & Sexuality

WGST 30973: Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies

WGST 50103: Feminist Inquiry (cross listed for graduates)

WRIT 20303:  Writing Games: Gender and Sexuality in Video Games

ENGL 20223: Gender, Culture and Representation

MANA 20970: Special Problems in Management: Gender in Business

ANTH 30923: Sex, Gender and Ethnicity

ANTH 30653: Sex, Gender and Culture


Predominantly Graduate

SOWO 61823: Diversity and Social Justice

WGST 60003: Graduate Colloquium in Feminist Theories and Methodologies (BRIT 90003/ENGL 80123)

RECU 70970: The AIDS/HIV Pandemic

RECU 60053/80053/90053: World Religions and Gender

PTPC 95223: Sexuality, Race and Class: Implications for Pastoral Theology

PTPC 71583/71589/7592: Sexuality and Pastoral Practice

PRTH 80163/PTPC 95970: Christian Thought: Ministry in the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay Community

SOWO 61803: Professional Foundation

SOWO 61823: Diversity and Social Justice

NETE 95963: Paul and Gender

HEBI 90970/95790: Eros and Civilization

ENGL 80523: Race and Gender in American Literature

ENGL 80523: Race and Gender in Latino/a Literature

Certificate in Gender and Sexual Justice (available at Brite Divinity School)

TCU Police are committed to the TCU Campus community in all of its forms.
Officer Pamela Christian and Officer George Steen are two open officers that can be contacted.

Non emergency number; 817-257-8400
Emergency number; 817-257-7777 (24 hrs)
Transportation services available for after hours when you may feel unsafe at 817-257-7930

The TCU Health Center provides all of the LGBTQIA+ services on campus.  https://healthcenter.tcu.edu/lgbtq/
A thorough sexual health screening is available, free of charge if you hold the TCU Health insurance.
HELP FW Sexual health clinic, 1717 S Main Street, provides sexual health screening, along with PrEP prescriptions. The link to their site is;  http://helpfw.org. You do not have disclose your insurance here.

The Counseling Center (817-257-7863) is located on the second floor of Jarvis Hall and it offers free assistance for any mental health needs or counseling needs. Many counselors are safe zone trained and knowledgeable.

The Counseling Center has a 24/7 helpline; 817-257-SAFE(7233) all year round.

The Office of Spiritual Life offers support and care for any spiritual or religious questions or needs you may have. To speak with the chaplain, you can make an appointment on 817-257-7830 or email faith@tcu.edu

‘Alphabet Soup’ is a group for LGBTQ+ students that would like a group session to share individual struggles and joys as well as learn more about oneself. In conjunction with the Counseling Center (a.swartz@tcu.edu) and Chaplain Todd Boling (t.boling@tcu.edu), they meet Wednesdays from 3.30-5pm.

Office of Institutional Equity

Any instances of discrimination or abuse can be reported to the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE).  The OIE will respond to allegations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and sexual misconduct, including Title IX reports.


(817) 257-8228